An Ode to Mama Bodies (And a picture of our newest addition!)

Here’s to the body that will never again be the same after growing and birthing another human being, that part of your soul that is outside of your body.

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Make Potty-Training a Breeze (The How & Why of Elimination Communication)

In our culture, we train babies and toddlers to eliminate in diapers.

They rarely romp around diaper free (who wants a puddle on the floor or a poop-stain on the wall?!), it’s not the norm to offer them the potty, and so we tend to keep our wee ones in diapers 24/7 until the momentous day of potty training arrives. (Yes, ahem, pun intended.)

And then the world turns upside down as toddler’s diaper, the one thing they’ve always been able to count on 100%, is ripped from their terrified grasp, and their tear-stained face stares up at you with an accusation of betrayal.

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5 Simple Steps to a Natural Birth

When women set their sights on a natural birth, many from our culture gawp at us with raised eyebrows. “You WANT to feel all that?”

Birth is a powerful, life-changing experience. It’s full of emotion, sensation, and hormones, and our bodies are never exactly the same afterwards.

Whether you push once, for hours on end, or experience a C-section, you bring new life into the world with a strength to which nothing else can compare.

Here are 5 simple steps to a natural birth.

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A Centenarian’s Best Advice for Long Life, Good Health, and Happy Kids

On my Great Grandma’s 100th birthday, I asked her best advice for living a long life, having good health, and raising happy children. Read her wisdom accumulated over 100 years.

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Parenting Big Scary Feelings – How to Build a Strong Bond

Parenting is haaaaaard! (Did you hear my whiny toddler-inspired tone there?)
In the toddler years, kids are finding their voices, declaring their independence, and struggling to deal with some Big Scary Feelings in the process.

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