Don’t Fall Into THIS Trap! (The cause of 80% of disease)

It’s generally accepted by now that the mind and body are connected. The thoughts and emotions you have can and do affect your body – a calm state can keep you relaxed and at ease, whereas a nervous state of anxiety might manifest as a stomachache or other unpleasant symptoms.

One of the major issues that Americans face today is stress, and this takes a big toll on our health. Did you know that 75-90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related complaints? This is because stress produces stress-fighting horomones. These icky things:

  • Cause 80% of disease
  • Lead the body to produce toxic free radical waste products that make it harder to move waste out of our cells
  • Contribute to storing fats and sugars – which means we gain weight!

Stress also strongly affects appetite. Some people find they have more intense cravings when they’re stressed, or look to food to “push away” the stress. Others find that with enough stress, it’s hard to eat!

Stress is a major contributor to headaches, high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes, digestive issues, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and more.

In fact, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (better known as OSHA) has declared stress a hazard of the workplace, citing that it costs industry more than $300 billion annually!

What can we do to start solving this $300 billion problem that initiates over three-fourths of all visits to doctor’s offices?

We can fight back.

We can do a lot in the battle against stress – it all starts with baby steps. You might:

  • Start a regular exercise routine, from cardio to yoga.
  • Pray or meditate daily.
  • Do breathing exercises.
  • Develop a strong support network of individuals that you can go to when things are rough.
  • Ask for help when you can’t do it all yourself.

I’ve found that each of these things has worked well for me. I distinctly remember a scene last December on my wedding day where I was left alone in a back hallway of the venue as  everyone else was starting the processional. I almost began hyperventilating, I was so nervous! But then I began to pray, and found myself quickly calmed – so quickly, it honestly shocked me! After that, I was ready to walk down that aisle and get married!

What helps you cope in times of high stress? Leave your thoughts below!

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