My Top 3 Tips to Look & Feel Fabulous

I want to share a new idea with you that’s pretty revolutionary:

When you feel good, you look good.

Does that sound backwards to you? That’s because society actually has it backwards!

The message we usually hear is that we have to look good in order to feel good about ourselves. That if we don’t look good, we don’t “deserve” to feel good.

But think about it for a moment…

When you feel good – happy, carefree, having fun with friends, etc. – there’s something magnetic about you. You glow. Yes, you. And that magnetism draws people to you: not only do you feel good, you also look good. Even with an extra 30 pounds! (Check out the photo.)


Feel good to look good

Semi-professional photo to “look” good – looks ok.
Feeling-good selfie with a friend – watch out, glow!
(Bet you didn’t notice I’m carrying an extra 30 pounds of pregnancy weight on the right!)

Feeling good is something that’s hard to keep inside. It brings out a smile, a lightness in your step, and releases the tension you might normally hold in your face or shoulders. People can see it on you and feel your vibe.

Your glow, like your smile, is contagious. People want to be around it, around you.

And the result? You look pretty darn good!

Wouldn’t life be simpler if we stopped worrying so much about looking good, and focused instead on things that made us feel good?

So, what are my top 3 tips to look good? As you might guess, they’re all about feeling good, gettin’ your glow on: a fail-proof way to look good!

Try these out, and leave your thoughts and tips in the comments below. Enjoy your glow!


Tip #1: Wear something that makes you feel good.

Do you feel good in that new dress? Or that new pair of jeans? Or your old ones? Doesn’t matter what the outfit. You’re going for a feeling, not spending a ton of cash. (Though you could do that too, if you wanted!)

Maybe you enjoy dressing down, or throwing on your yoga clothes. If super comfy cozy makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, go for it.

Experiment and see how different outfits make you feel. Choose something that sparks confidence and comfort.


Tip #2: Treat yourself.

As women, we tend to like pampering. What brings out your glow? Is it getting your nails done? Your hair? A massage? A new accessory?

For me, it’s a massage, hands-down.

When you do something to make yourself feel special, you’re tapping into your inner glow, and flipping on the light switch.

What can you do to flip your switch?


Tip #3: Compliment yourself.

How often can you remember standing in front of the mirror and tearing yourself down? Unfortunately, this is a common experience for women: an in-depth investigation and accounting of our physical flaws.

Instead, look in the mirror in your special outfit, after you’ve treated yourself, and see what you can appreciate about yourself right now.

Maybe you see your glow, or a happy daze. Maybe you notice, “Hey, I do look good in this outfit!” Maybe one of your favorite features catches your eye. Take a moment to appreciate what you enjoy about your appearance.


How did these suggestions go? What’s your favorite tip to look & feel fabulous? Share in the comments below!


About Nicole

Nicole is the founder of Revitalize Health Coaching. She’s passionate about empowering women to lose weight without dieting or deprivation, and guiding her clients on journeys of self discovery and self love. She’s looking forward to meeting her little boy in another 2 months – he’s quite a kickboxer!


  1. Well Done – anyone can make looking good a priority – it helps with their overall self-esteem.

    • Nicole

      I think there’s an element of self worth in taking the time to dress for confidence. It’s so easy to say, “I’m not feeling it today, and so I’m not going to take the time.” – After that decision, you really DON’T feel the confidence!

  2. Love it! The pics are awesome and really do show the difference between trying to look good and really feeling good. I like the idea of thinking about what I can do to “flip my switch”.

    • Nicole

      Glad you see the difference, Crystal. It’s funny how most people wouldn’t even notice the extra 30 pounds in the “feel good” picture if I didn’t mention it – feeling good really does make all the difference!

  3. I love the simplicity of this post – three practical feel good suggestions. I also feel like I would never speak to other people the way I speak to myself: it’s time for a little more self-compassion! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Feeling comfortable in my own skin is a journey and these tips serve me well! The photos say, no scream, it all. The glow comes from the inside not the outside. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. LOVE this! My perspective exactly.

    Such an uplifting post to read. Thank you <3

  6. I really like tip #3! We so often forget to do that and it is so important!
    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  7. The picture shows it all! And, I love how doable the steps are too.

  8. I’m definitely going to practice these — especially #3! I’m great at noticing and internally verbalizing my flaws and not so great at telling myself how much hotness I have, especially when I’ve put on weight, etc. One of the things that makes it difficult is that I tend to ONLY buy clothes when I’m at the lower end of my weight fluctuations, which means that when I get a bit poofier, they fit poorly and create bulges in strange places. I’m going to practice going shopping every now and again when I’m not slimmed down — I think that would really help! Thanks for the inspiration and the great post.

  9. I love the shift to the “If you feel good, you look good” paradigm.

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