My #1 Tip to Make Mangoes Irresistable

We’ve been suffering from mango madness the last few weeks! Since it’s the height of the mango season, I wanted to share with you my #1 tip to make mangoes irresistible. Hint: it’s all in the way you cut them.

I remember trying to puzzle mangoes out as a kid. Tough inedible skin, difficult to peel, and a big seed in the middle – what’s a kid to do?

The first time I saw this done, I was floored. I had been avoiding mangoes (except as cut and ready frozen additions to my smoothies) for decades until I learned this way to prepare them.

Mango1 Whole

First, slice your mango into 3 parts. If you put the mango flat on a table, the broadest side will likely be flat – and so the seed will be laying horizontal, or parallel to the table. Slice your mango to catch the seed in the middle, making the other 2 slices as big as possible.

Mango2 3 slices

Next, use a sharp knife to cut a checkerboard pattern on both ends. This part takes some practice – you need to cut all the way through the mango flesh, but not the skin, as you’ll need that intact to hold it all together when you’re done.

Mango3 CrissCrossed

Finally, cut through the skin on the center section and peel it away. Then pick up the ends, one at a time, and with the peel facing down, gently push your thumbs up into the fruit while holding the top firmly with your fingers. This will flip the mango so you get…

Mango4 Flipped and Peeled

Voila! Likely the most fun fruit you’ve seen, am I right? And what picky eater can resist food that looks as exciting as that?!

You can bite the mango right off the peel, and use your teeth to scrape if off the seed. But watch you don’t bite into the seed too hard, those things are tough!

Be warned – if you eat it right off the peel, you’ll need some dental floss when you’re done. Mangoes sure can get stringy.

Alternatively, you can cut the cubes off the skin for a cleaner, yet less adventurous undertaking. 🙂

Before I send you off mango-hunting, I want to address one of the questions I’m asked the most.


Do I need to buy organic mangoes?

The answer might surprise you – no, you don’t!

While most produce is laden with a hefty number of chemical pesticides, mangoes are one of the cleaner fruits out there. In fact, they’re #8 on the Clean 15 list put out by the Environmental Working Group – the list of items that are “least likely to hold pesticide residues.” 78% of mangoes tested had absolutely no residues whatsoever. (Source: EWG’s 2016 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce)

Check out the Clean 15, and when you’re grocery shopping in the future, know that even if you tend more towards organic foods, it’s ok to get these items conventional, or not organic.

If you’re looking to maximize your dollars at the grocery store, choose something off of the dirty dozen list to buy organic instead. (These items have the most residues, so if you’re looking to cut pesticides, this is where to spend the extra money!)

Have you cut a mango like this before? Are you going to try it for the first time? Share your experience below.

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