Chocolate Gummies

I was munching on some strawberry banana gummies (the recipe I shared in last week’s post) the other day, and craving chocolate, when I had a brilliant idea: I should combine the two!

Chocolate gummies? You may ask. Isn’t it a bit… well… odd?

It is, sure. But they’re also wonderfully delicious. I’ll let you whip some up and be the judge.

Lucas judges them to be... "Yummy! Mo' pease?"

Lucas judges them to be… “Yummy! Mo’ pease?”


Give them your own unique spin

To create fruity gummies, you need 3 ingredients: juice, fruit, and gelatin.

When you make them chocolatey, you’ll use chocolate instead of fruit, and you can pick from a multitude of liquids. I love coconut water with chocolate, but you could also opt for chai, or even chocolate milk. Peanut butter might melt well and make for a tasty mix with chocolate. Heck, why not try chocolate milk with bananas? (Thanks to my sister for that idea!)

Did you catch my post about making your own chocolate? You can use that recipe for the chocolate in your gummies if you’d like – just make quadruple the recipe (4x) so you have the 1 cup necessary for the gummies. (Note: you’ll have 200 grams, a bit less than one cup, but it will be solid chocolate – about the same as 1 cup of chocolate chips.)

The hardest part is choosing your ingredients. Once you’ve got that done, you’re ready to get started.


Chocolate Gummy Recipe

The recipe is exactly the same as the fruity gummies – all you’re changing is the ingredients.

Once things get going with this recipe you have to move fast, so you’ll want to assemble your tools and measure the ingredients ahead of time.


  • Whisk (or immersion blender)
  • Cup with a pouring spout (measuring cup works well)
  • Silicone molds (I love these – robots, dinosaurs, and a ton more fun shapes. They’re a great addition to your kitchen, and can also be used to make your own chocolate!)
  • Cookie sheet (to transfer your molds to the fridge)


  • 2 cups liquid (coconut water, chocolate milk, chai, melted peanut butter, etc.)
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup gelatin (I use this kind)


1. Assemble all necessary tools, and measure your ingredients – you’ll need to move fast once your mixture heats up! Lay out your molds on the cookie sheet so they can easily be transferred to the fridge. You’ll need all 6 molds to hold your gummies.

2. Heat your liquid on low over the stove, about 5 minutes. You may see bubbles rising up from the bottom, but do not bring it to a full simmer.

3. Add chocolate and whisk continuously until chocolate melts.

4. Very slowly, sprinkle the gelatin into your mixture, whisking vigorously. (Clumps of gelatin will make clumpy gummies.) An immersion blender is ideal for this part.

5. Once your mixture is smooth, transfer it to a cup with a spout, and pour the warm gummy mixture into your molds. Transfer full molds into the fridge.


6. Allow a few hours to set. The molds will easily pop inside out to release the gummy. Store in a sealed container in the fridge, and enjoy for up to a week.gummies-c-made


What combinations did you try? Share in the comments below!


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