How to End Your Sugar Addiction

You probably don’t know this, but shortly after my son was born, I was having a rough time. As a new mom I wasn’t sleeping well, and my energy was just gone. Suddenly I was relying on a constant stream of sugar to get through the day. As a health coach, I felt like a fraud. It sucked.


Then something happened that changed everything.

I’m going to share exactly what I did to finally end my sugar addiction, and how you can do it too.

Join me for the 10-Day Sugar Detox, January 2-11, for only $40.
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Join us to BREAK your sugar addiction – even if, right now, you can’t imagine surviving a day without sugar!

I will be sharing my BEST secrets with you. Here is your chance to “spy” on your health coach.

In the 10-Day Sugar Detox, you’ll receive:

  • A healthy recipe collection to get you started (including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and sweet ones in case you need a sweet fix!)
  • Daily tips to conquer your cravings
  • Daily guidance & support via email
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group for support & accountability!

This is something you can use and implement in your life right NOW. I’m talking IMMEDIATELY. You don’t need to invest in an expensive program, join a gym, or waste money on pricey supplements to do this.

Reserve your spot in the program HERE.

I kicked off this program last year, and here’s some of the feedback I received:

  • “I feel good!! It wasn’t nearly as hard or restrictive as I thought it would be.” – Brenda
  • “I lost 3 pounds and my digestive health is better. Before this, I feel like my stomach constantly hurt. The daily emails were like a little pep talk each day!” – Danielle
  • “I really liked the Facebook group and getting the opportunity to share photos, ask questions, and communicate in one all-inclusive space.” – Anonymous

Hope to have you with us next month!

When the early bird discount ends after December 28th, the price bumps back up to $75. Sign up now for only $40.

There’s nothing to lose but your sugar addiction!

Do you know someone else who is struggling with sugar addiction? Share this link and inspire them to peak health.


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  1. If I was addicted to sugar I would definitely do this! This program sounds fantastic!

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