Protein-Packed Mango Smoothie Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients!)

First, a big THANKS if you participated in last month’s survey. I hope you’re enjoying my sugar detox recipe book! The overwhelming response from the survey was that my readers are interested primarily in healthy recipes, so you can count on getting plenty more of those in the future. I’ll also be touching on the other main interests expressed, green living and parenting. I REALLY appreciate your feedback!! 🙂

Now onto the backstory for today’s recipe…

Early in my pregnancy, I developed a strong aversion to Indian food. Getting within smelling distance of it was an impossibility for me – and odd, since I’m normally a big fan of Indian food!

Once the aversion wore off (good riddance, first trimester!) I was back at my favorite Indian restaurants, and one day I was craving a smoothie. The closest thing to a smoothie served at an Indian restaurant is a mango lassi, a sweet yogurt and mango drink. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it – rich, creamy, and thick, it was exactly what I needed. I figured it couldn’t be too hard to make myself at home.

Mango Lassi (5)

I gave it a whirl, and voila! When I’m hankering after a mango lassi (at least a few times a week, lately!), I can pull out my blender instead of packing up my toddler and getting in the car.

This is a super easy recipe, but there are some important things to know before you begin. First, do NOT use frozen mango – unless you want your blender blades whirring helplessly in the middle of a mostly-frozen mass, unable to reach anything. Use fresh mango, canned mango (but avoid any with extra sugar added!), or my own favorite, frozen mango that you’ve thawed in the fridge or microwave. Easy.

Mango Lassi (1)

Also, you don’t need organic mango. Mango is one of the clean 15, meaning that the part of the mango we eat is one of the least contaminated foods in terms of pesticides and chemicals. There’s not much difference between conventional and organic mango.

You can do yourself a favor by using a kitchen scale: a compact tool that saves a lot of time and dishes! Learn more about why kitchen scales are so awesome here.

Finally, this smoothie packs a real protein punch: one serving (half the recipe below, just under 2 cups) contains 16 grams of protein, about 30% of the average person’s protein needs for a day.

And did I mention it’s easy? Only 3 ingredients. Score!


Mango Lassi Recipe

Makes 3.75 cups, serves 2


Mango Lassi (7)

  • 1 cup milk (230 g)
  • 1 cup plain Greek yogurt (227 g)
  • 2.5 cups mango (350 g)
  • If desired, 2 tsp honey or agave for added sweetness (15 g)


  1. Blend milk and yogurt.
  2. Add in half of the mango, blend.
  3. Add the rest of the mango, blend. Mango Lassi (6)
  4. If you’re adding agave or honey, toss that in too. Taste it first to judge if you need it.
  5. Serve and enjoy with a friend!

Mango Lassi (5)

Give it a try, and share below how it turned out. 🙂

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