An Ode to Mama Bodies (And a picture of our newest addition!)

This is a stand for Mama bodies.

Mama bodies are nurturing. They’re softer, rounder, and stronger.

Mama bodies have accomplished unimaginable feats. They have grown, cell by cell, organ by organ, a full person.

Those mama bodies then labored for hours and hours, even days, to birth that wonderful baby. Or they underwent a major surgery under the knife to bring their precious children into the world. Sometimes both.

Can we just stop and recognize that for a moment?

You’re a Mama. Your body GREW a PERSON. And now it can NOURISH that person, providing every ounce of nutrition that person needs for the first 6 months of life.

This is an incredible miracle.

So, here’s to mamas everywhere. Here’s to Mamas who loved their pregnancies, who suffered through their pregnancies, who labored for days and pushed for hours, and mamas who had c-sections, saving the lives of themselves or their babies. Here’s to stretchmarks. Here’s to mamas who use their bodies to nourish their babies. Here’s to mamas who nourished their babies with formula. Here’s to breasts that look different after you’ve nursed a baby.


Honest Body Project Smaller

Image credit: Natalie McCain, The Honest Body Project.

Here’s to the body that will never again be the same after growing and birthing another human being, that part of your soul that is outside of your body.

And to those who ask when you’re going to “get in shape” again, when you’re going to “get your body back” – this IS a mama’s body, wherever you’re at right now. It’s strong, it’s capable of a marathon-like labor, it can provide everything a baby needs, and it has performed feats of strength, endurance, and love that others may only imagine.

So to you who asks this question, when we’ll “get our bodies back” – stop looking at the magazines, at what media says a mother should be. See what a mother IS. Love her for that. And honor the miracle of life her body has accomplished.

Yes, it’s ok to want to be skinnier. Yes, it’s ok to want your old body back. I do too sometimes.

And then I remember the two miracles my body performed. And I make a healthy choice, and leave it to the wisdom of my body to ask for what it needs and the amount it needs. Because this is the size it needs to be right now, and I’ve got some artistic new lines on my belly. (Though some might call them stretchmarks.)

And there’s no way I’d trade my two little miracles for my old body.

*mic drop*

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Big brother Lucas, 2.5, snuggles little brother Elliott, born July 10th.

Big brother Lucas, age 2.5, snuggles little brother Elliott, born July 10th.

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