Arm Yourself for Cold & Flu Season: the Amazing Power of Elderberry Syrup!

I dove deep into boosting my immune system last winter, when I learned after the fact that I’d been exposed to strep throat. I piled kale into my smoothies by the handful, I upped my intake of other vitamin C foods, and I turned to germ fighting essential oils as well.

But I also discovered something brand new: Elderberry Syrup.


The Amazing Power of Elderberry Syrup

The research on elderberry extract is incredible! But before I dive in, let me set one thing straight: I’m not a doctor, and I’m not giving you medical advice. This is for informational and educational purposes only. I do not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure an illness. My goal is to share the highlights of some research with you, and I invite you to read the full studies.

That being said…

Elderberry extract has been shown to significantly decrease the severity of cold and flu symptoms, as well as help people recover faster.

Here are the highlights from four different studies examining the effect of elderberry extract:

#1: One double blind study conducted on influenza patients reported significant improvement of symptoms within 2 days, and “complete cure” within 2-3 days for over 90% of the elderberry group, compared to 6 days for the placebo group. “The odds for complete cure before the 5th day in the treated [elderberry] group were 31.1 times the odds in the control group.” (Source)

#2: Another study concludes that elderberry extract is an efficient, safe and cost-effective supplement to the current options available for “prophylaxis [prevention] and treatment of influenza.” In this randomized, double-blind study, influenza symptoms were relieved an average of 4 days earlier in the elderberry extract group than the placebo group. The elderberry group also had significantly milder symptoms than the controls. (Source)

#3: Another study examined the health of overseas travelers, and found that the colds in the elderberry group would clear up an average of 2 days earlier, with significantly less severe symptoms in the meantime, than a placebo control group. (Source)

#4: Yet another study found elderberry extract to be effective against particular “human pathogenic bacteria as well as influenza viruses“. (Source)


How does elderberry extract work?

Think of it this way: an influenza virus has a master key (neuraminidase) to “unlock” each of the cells in your body and step inside. Each time it does this, it grows stronger and sends out more viruses. BUT, elderberries are the master locksmith: they start changing the locks, keeping out the influenza viruses. It can take 1-2 days to reach all the doors, but the virus is locked out, and unable to grow in strength. (Source)

So, elderberry juice, anybody? 😉 It’s pretty bitter and astringent, so I can’t say I recommend it myself. Plus, it has a cyanide-like compound that can make you sick – so make sure your elderberry is cooked, or bought from a reliable source.

Instead, try elderberry syrup.

I’ve started making this delicious Superfood Boost myself, and I’d love to send you a bottle! You can order HERE, and have it delivered straight to your door (anywhere in the USA) – all for less than you’d pay at any health food store!


But isn’t the flu shot enough?

You’ve probably been asked more than once whether or not you’ve gotten this season’s flu shot.

The flu is actually widely misunderstood: there’s the “flu,” or anything with flu-like symptoms, and then there’s actual influenza – a specific subset of viruses that cause flu-like symptoms. The goal of the flu shot is to protect from 3 (trivalent) or 4 (quadrivalent) particular strains of influenza that are thought to be the most prevalent that season, and scientists do their best to model and predict which strains should be included in the vaccine.

But, because we can’t actually tell the future, and because it’s impossible for the vaccine to protect against all strains of influenza, the flu shot is not 100% effective.

How effective is it? The vaccine is anywhere from 10-60% effective, with an average rate of 41% effectiveness, according to 13 years of available data. (You can find the breakdown of effectiveness by year here on the CDC’s website.)

So it’s reasonable to assume that even with the vaccine, you or your little ones might still get influenza. What’s a mama to do?

I know my answer: elderberry syrup! What’s yours?

Comments? Questions? Please share your thoughts below!


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