Arm Yourself for Cold & Flu Season: the Amazing Power of Elderberry Syrup!

I dove deep into boosting my immune system last winter, when I learned after the fact that I’d been exposed to strep throat. I piled kale into my smoothies by the handful, I upped my intake of other vitamin C foods, and I turned to germ fighting essential oils as well.

But I also discovered something brand new: Elderberry Syrup.

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Chocolate Ganache Caramel Oreo Pie (Droolworthy)

I aim to make pretty healthy stuff. But this time, I was craving something that definitely wasn’t healthy: a chocolately, gooey, delicious dessert that would hit just that spot. You know what I mean, right?

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Interview: “Getting to Green(er)”

I definitely didn’t want to expose my newborn to any of that… in fact, I didn’t really want to expose myself or my family to it either. My eyes were suddenly opened. That day was the beginning of a journey that has involved a lot of research and resulted in making a variety of bath & body and cleaning products myself.

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An Ode to Mama Bodies (And a picture of our newest addition!)

Here’s to the body that will never again be the same after growing and birthing another human being, that part of your soul that is outside of your body.

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No-Bake Energy Bites (Warning: Addictive – eat at your own risk!)

These are amazingly scrumptious. I can’t get enough. Nor can anyone else in my family, or the neighbor who kindly lent me her food processor when mine died mid-recipe. They’re a great replacement for energy or granola bars crammed with sugar – the only thing in here that isn’t a healthy simple ingredient is the the chocolate chips, and you can make your own if you’d like these to be 100% healthy! But I don’t mind cutting corners once in a while… 🙂

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Chia Pudding Recipe

This new recipe has quickly become one of our favorites, whether for breakfast or dessert. With only a few ingredients, it’s easy to make – the hardest part it waiting the few hours for it to set in the fridge. 🙂

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Protein-Packed Mango Smoothie Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients!)

This protein packed mango smoothie is rich, creamy, and perfectly delicious on a hot day.

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Grab my Sugar Detox Recipe Book (For a few days only)

Whether you’re looking for new recipe ideas or want to focus on healthier food, I’ve got a must-have resource for you: my Sugar Detox Recipe Book!

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I Want YOUR Opinion!

For 2 minutes of your time with this QUICK survey, I’ll send YOU my Healthy Snack Cheat Sheet! (A list of healthy ways to satisfy “unhealthy” cravings.)

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Our Family Has a BIG Surprise to Share…

Our son Lucas says it so well, so I’ll let him do the talking…

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Tropical Green Smoothie *Recipe* – Inspired by Vitamix

The Vitamix is a very nice machine – but you don’t have to pay $100’s to make great smoothies at home. This topical smoothie recipe works for ANY blender.

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How to Support Your Child’s Emotional Awareness (& prevent emotional eating later in life)

We need to feel our emotions. Reactions are human, natural, and normal. Denying them is to deny ourselves. It leads to emotional eating, among other problems.
This lesson is important not only for us, but for our kids too. How do we teach this lesson to our children?

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Is This You? – “I don’t have a reaction. I have a bag of chips.”

If you’re labeling thoughts or feelings as wrong, you’re putting yourself in the wrong for having those thoughts or feelings. The natural reaction is to “stuff” the bad thought or feeling. Bury it deep, pretend it doesn’t exist. But this can lead to a lifetime of struggling with emotional eating.

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Veggie Medley Recipe: the perfect dish to make when all you have are odds and ends!

Some evenings I don’t feel much like cooking or following a recipe, so I end up throwing together a variety of fresh veggies, canned beans, and a few other things to create a masterpiece. And you know what? It always works! I call it my Veggie Medley.

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How to Make Fried Rice that Tastes like Takeout

If you’re in the mood for fried rice but don’t want to leave the house, it’s pretty easy to make yourself. Since shrimp (or “yump,” as he calls it) is one of my son’s favorites, we went with shrimp fried rice. But you could just as easily substitute chicken or another alternative.

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Overnight Banana Oatmeal Recipe

I fell in love when I found this recipe. It’s only a few minutes of prep time, and you end up with 4 servings of oatmeal ready to go in your fridge at a moment’s notice. It tastes amazing, and doesn’t have the added sugar found in the prepackaged stuff I ate all the time as a kid.

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Easy & Delectable Vegetarian Chili Recipe

With temperatures hitting negative numbers overnight, I’m looking for easy dishes to cook that are warming – and this chili is certainly that!

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A New Year’s Pick-Me-Up!

If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, I’ve got just the thing.

I get a LOT of requests to share my smoothie recipes. I don’t usually measure when I make my smoothies – you know, a handful of this, a little of that! – but this time, I made an exception for my favorite green smoothie recipe.

This recipe is one of my all-time best. I recently hosted a small gathering at my home, and the other women LOVED it – and they’re not even Health Junkies!

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Are You on the Fence about the Sugar Detox?

Let me help you remove the stumbling blocks around sugar addiction so you can finally end the sugar cravings and lose weight in the new year!

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How to End Your Sugar Addiction

Join us to BREAK your sugar addiction – even if, right now, you can’t imagine surviving a day without sugar!

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Better than Hot Chocolate: Sipping Chocolate Recipe

This recipe is rich, creamy, and amazingly delicious. Much more so than your average hot cocoa! Plus it’s quick & easy: win-win!

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Homemade Melt-in-your-Mouth Chocolate Truffle Recipe (and 5 Delectable Variations)

This is one of my all-time favorite healthy dessert recipes (though it sure doesn’t taste healthy!), and the topic of one of my first posts. Over time I’ve toyed with it, developing variations, and I’m excited to share it again with some updates.

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Exfoliating Scrub Recipe

Why exfoliate? Exfoliating helps shed dead skin cells, clear your pores, fight dry skin, and speeds cell renewal, allowing new healthy cells to grow.

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Skincare Part 4: How to Make Soap (Faster & Easier than You Can Imagine!)

Over the last month, we’ve been on quite the journey exploring the skincare industry, lack of regulation, and how many dangerous ingredients enter our bodies. At last, we’ve arrived at the finale: how to make your own soap at home! This process is faster and easier than you ever could have imagined. (And it’s because we’re cheating. But more on that below.) Let’s...
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Skincare Part 3: How to Find Awesome Alternatives (to the products tearing you apart from the inside out)

How do you find reasonably priced products that don’t contain ingredients suspected of links to cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm, or birth defects? I’m happy to share it’s pretty easy to do!

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Skincare Part 2: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

If ingredients are banned in Canada and Europe because they have links to or are suspected of causing cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm, or birth defects there, chances are they’re doing the same thing right here in the United States – even more so, in fact, since their use is unrestricted.
Here in part 2, we’ll examine how you can protect yourself and your family.

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The Colossal Hoax of Skincare: why your products are tearing you apart from the inside out (and what to do about it) – Part 1

Part 1: Why is the U.S. Cosmetic Industry Not up to Snuff? (And why should you care?)
We in the United States have banned a mere 0.8% of the ingredients prohibited in Europe. Maybe you’re trying to rationalize that and wondering: Is it really dangerous to put a product on your skin?
According to Dr. Samuel Epstein, founder of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, “It’s more dangerous to put a product on your skin than to eat it.”
When we put something on our skin, it’s absorbed straight into the bloodstream in under 30 seconds. This includes lotion, soap, bug spray, sunscreen, makeup, and anything else you apply…

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How I Stopped my Toddler’s Tantrum in Its Tracks

Lucas looked to me for direction. “Boy sad,” he told me.

“Yes,” I told him. But I wanted to say more than that. I wanted to tell him that it was ok, that the boy wasn’t wrong for feeling sad.

So I pulled my cart to the side of the aisle, and had a gentle heart-to-heart with my son.

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Chocolate Gummies

I was munching on some strawberry banana gummies (the recipe I shared in last week’s post) the other day, and craving chocolate, when I had a brilliant idea: I should combine the two!

Chocolate gummies? You may ask. Isn’t it a bit… well… odd?

It is, sure. But they’re also wonderfully delicious. I’ll let you whip some up and be the judge.

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How to Make Your Own Healthy Fruity Gummy Critters

When I was young, gummies were one of my all-time favorite sugary treats. Bears, worms, fruit shapes, Swedish Fish, you name it – I loved it. There’s nothing quite like the experience of sliding your teeth into a gummy! Mmm…

These days, knowing more about the sugar content, artificial colors and flavors, I’ve been searching for a healthy alternative to satisfy that gummy craving.

Last week I was playing around with a recipe, and I’m excited to share that it’s absolutely perfect. If you want to make your own healthy gummy critters at home, this is how you do it!

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Insanely Easy & Delicious Chocolate Mousse Recipe (And 5 creative ways to enjoy it!)

I like to put a healthy twist on delicious desserts, like my truffles or chocolate. My latest recipe is chocolate mousse, both kid and Mama-approved. (My son couldn’t get enough!)

Unlike some healthy recipes, these ingredients are all easy to find. In fact, the hardest part is cleaning the food processor when you’re finished!

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Healthy Chocolate Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients!)

I have a confession to make. My name is Nicole and I’m a chocoholic.

“Hi, Nicole.”

I looooooove chocolate. And over the years, my tastes have become quite refined. I enjoy the darker, richer chocolates – not so much the Hershey variety.

I would love to find a way to make chocolate a health food.

Of course, chocolate does have some health benefits already…

But once you add in sugar, you knock the health benefits of chocolate down a few notches.

That’s why I started experimenting, making my own chocolate at home. And do I have a yum-licious recipe to share with you!

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The #1 Must-Have Tool in my Kitchen

This tool has literally changed my life.

It has saved time doing dishes (because it saves getting them dirty in the first place – and if you know me, you know dishes are my least favorite chore!), it’s a vital aid in creating my own recipes, and dividing up meals for the freezer. It has saved me from melting ingredients to fit nicely into measuring cups. Plus, it has guaranteed a consistent delicious outcome every time I follow the same recipe.

What’s this reliable tool?

A food scale!

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Make Potty-Training a Breeze (The How & Why of Elimination Communication)

In our culture, we train babies and toddlers to eliminate in diapers.

They rarely romp around diaper free (who wants a puddle on the floor or a poop-stain on the wall?!), it’s not the norm to offer them the potty, and so we tend to keep our wee ones in diapers 24/7 until the momentous day of potty training arrives. (Yes, ahem, pun intended.)

And then the world turns upside down as toddler’s diaper, the one thing they’ve always been able to count on 100%, is ripped from their terrified grasp, and their tear-stained face stares up at you with an accusation of betrayal.

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5 Simple Steps to a Natural Birth

When women set their sights on a natural birth, many from our culture gawp at us with raised eyebrows. “You WANT to feel all that?”

Birth is a powerful, life-changing experience. It’s full of emotion, sensation, and hormones, and our bodies are never exactly the same afterwards.

Whether you push once, for hours on end, or experience a C-section, you bring new life into the world with a strength to which nothing else can compare.

Here are 5 simple steps to a natural birth.

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Mouthwatering Zucchini Bread Recipe

I like to play with recipes.

I’m continuously looking for ways to improve recipes – upgrading to whole grains, switching out oils for less processed versions, and adding lots of mushrooms to my soups. (Mmmm…)

This week’s experiment? Mouthwatering zucchini bread, with a healthy whole-grain twist.

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A Centenarian’s Best Advice for Long Life, Good Health, and Happy Kids

On my Great Grandma’s 100th birthday, I asked her best advice for living a long life, having good health, and raising happy children. Read her wisdom accumulated over 100 years.

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Parenting Big Scary Feelings – How to Build a Strong Bond

Parenting is haaaaaard! (Did you hear my whiny toddler-inspired tone there?)
In the toddler years, kids are finding their voices, declaring their independence, and struggling to deal with some Big Scary Feelings in the process.

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My #1 Tip to Make Mangoes Irresistable

I wanted to share with you my #1 tip to make mangoes irresistible. Hint: it’s all in the way you cut them. Plus: should you buy organic, or conventional?

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Homemade Healthy Chicken Nuggets Recipe

As a little kid, I enjoyed the rare trip to McDonalds.

I remember being told one day that it was my birthday, and I could choose what to do for lunch. So we ate chicken nuggets at McDonalds with my Grandma, and all was right in the world.

Except for the fact that now I know: those chicken nuggets, and all the other fast-food versions out there, are doing your body no favors.

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Zucchini Chips Recipe

These zucchini chips have a crisp coating with a soft delicious center that melts in your mouth. Just writing about it makes me want to go hunt down another zucchini…

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Our New Breakfast Favorite: Avocado Toast

Breakfast is the new favorite meal in our house for one simple reason: avocado toast!

Have you ever tried it? It’s amazingly delicious.

It’s also a great way to start the day. Just 1/2 an avocado (about 2/3 cup or 100 grams) packs in some awesome healthy fats that will help keep you full until lunchtime. Many of my weight-loss clients in the past have feared fat, so I want to stress that fat does NOT make you fat! Even better…

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How to deal with a picky eater (You want me to eat WHAT?!)

From the beginning, we give kids the message that they need special “kid food.” We start with baby purees, then move on to kids’ menus, and don’t expect them to like “adult food.” Our children take all this in, and it becomes reality…

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Recipe: Kid-Friendly Frittata

The key to this kid-friendly frittata recipe is making it your own.

It’s a very easy recipe, but can also time-consuming to chop the veggies. BUT – since it will feed your family dinner for 2, or even 3 days – it’s definitely a good investment of your time!

This can be made vegetarian and dairy free – choose your own ingredient combos. It’s also a great way to get veggies in! Be sure to add your favorites.

Here’s my approach.

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Life as a New Mom

Being a new mom is a big change – it’s hard, there’s not a lot of sleep, you may have a leaky boob or two (yes, I said it!) and to top it off, your hormones are going nuts. There are the perfect newborn photos, which make life out to be so sweet and peaceful. And yes, it can be that, if only for a few minutes at a time.

But then there are the classic facepalming moments you know you’ll never forget. Like this one.

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BIG Shifts Ahead

There are some big shifts ahead. And to be honest, I’m really freakin’ excited!

Here’s the news: While I have LOVED working with women to support them in shedding extra pounds these last 5+ years, I’ve also been pulled in a totally different direction. This pull can’t be ignored. It’s soul-deep.

And I need to take the advice I give my clients: Listen. Listen to your body, to your gut, to your intuition. Your own wisdom will lead you where you need to go.

So after some months of thinking about it, it’s time to take the Big Leap:

It’s time for me to focus on Mamas.

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I’m coming clean: My Abusive Relationship

It’s time for some brutal honesty.

Frankly, I’m embarrassed to share this with the world. I’m shaking in my boots (er, sandals) at what you might think of me.

But I have a feeling that sharing the truth may set other people free too, people in the same situation as me. And so I feel that I owe it to you, and to the world, to share my truth.

I’m in an abusive relationship. I have been for decades.

But here’s the part that might surprise you: the abuser and the abused are both me.

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My 3 Favorite Green Smoothie Recipes

Join the conversation! What are your favorite recipes? Share below.   Looking for my favorite recipes? Find...
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Why I DON’T Want My Pre-Baby Body Back

We come in all shapes and sizes. If we would listen to the media, we, as women, are “supposed” to look like some impossible, unattainable standard of beauty – tiny waist, generous hips and chest, long neck, big eyes, and perfect skin.

The funny thing is, even the models don’t look like that. It’s some level of fantasy only achievable via airbrush. Talk about a reality check. And it leaves most of us feeling constantly inadequate.

We look in the mirror, and want to change this, that, or the other thing…

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My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, I’ve got just the thing.

I get a LOT of requests to share my smoothie recipes. I don’t usually measure when I make my smoothies – you know, a handful of this, a little of that! – but this time, I made an exception for my favorite green smoothie recipe.

This recipe is one of my all-time best. I recently hosted a small gathering at my home, and the other women LOVED it – and they’re not even Health Junkies!

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My Top 3 Tips to Look & Feel Fabulous

I want to share a new idea with you that’s pretty revolutionary:

When you feel good, you look good.

Does that sound backwards to you? That’s because society actually has it backwards!

The message we usually hear is that we have to look good in order to feel good about ourselves. That if we don’t look good, we don’t “deserve” to feel good.

But think about it for a moment…

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Love Yourself Slim

What did you notice when you implemented the steps from Nicole’s Top 6 Secrets to Love Yourself Slim?

Join the conversation!

The free guide is yours when you sign up at the right.

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Your Secret Weapon!

We all know that feeling in the back of our throat: the sign that says that worse is coming, and you’ll be lucky if you can get out of bed tomorrow!

Some of us turn to big doses of Vitamin C or start drinking lots of water. But for many of us, that tickle in our throat is the sign that we’ve already lost the war.

Is it too late to fight back? Is it possible to stop the germs before they overrun us?

We can fight. And better yet, we can win, too.

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My Favorite Summer Salad Recipe

This salad is definitely drool-worthy, and it never fails to draw compliments!

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Why “All or Nothing” Won’t Work – and What to Do Instead

When we commit to a new diet, we KNOW we will keep ourselves from falling off the wagon. But this thinking is what causes failure!

Ditch that way of doing things, and learn what to do instead.

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What to do when you’re tempted by the trays of tasty treats this holiday season…

When you’re focused on losing weight, the holidays can be a tough time. Food, food, everywhere!

When there are platters and platters loaded up with tasty treats in front of you, how do you stay in control, instead of feeling like a slave to food?

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All-time BEST dessert recipe ever – and it’s healthy!

This is my all-time favorite dessert recipe, and it just so happens to be healthy. You won’t believe the amazingness until you taste it!

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Don’t Fall Into THIS Trap! (The cause of 80% of disease)

It’s generally accepted by now that the mind and body are connected. The thoughts and emotions you have can and do affect your body – a calm state can keep you relaxed and at ease, whereas a nervous state of anxiety might manifest as a stomachache or other unpleasant symptoms.

One of the major issues that Americans face today is stress, and this takes a big toll on our health.

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Grow Your Own Food!

Have you ever eaten a tomato or asparagus straight from the bush? Picked strawberries or blueberries? Do you notice how much better they taste than the stuff at the supermarket? There’s a reason for that. And it just might surprise you.

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