An Ode to Mama Bodies (And a picture of our newest addition!)

Here’s to the body that will never again be the same after growing and birthing another human being, that part of your soul that is outside of your body.

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Why I DON’T Want My Pre-Baby Body Back

We come in all shapes and sizes. If we would listen to the media, we, as women, are “supposed” to look like some impossible, unattainable standard of beauty – tiny waist, generous hips and chest, long neck, big eyes, and perfect skin.

The funny thing is, even the models don’t look like that. It’s some level of fantasy only achievable via airbrush. Talk about a reality check. And it leaves most of us feeling constantly inadequate.

We look in the mirror, and want to change this, that, or the other thing…

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My Top 3 Tips to Look & Feel Fabulous

I want to share a new idea with you that’s pretty revolutionary:

When you feel good, you look good.

Does that sound backwards to you? That’s because society actually has it backwards!

The message we usually hear is that we have to look good in order to feel good about ourselves. That if we don’t look good, we don’t “deserve” to feel good.

But think about it for a moment…

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Love Yourself Slim

What did you notice when you implemented the steps from Nicole’s Top 6 Secrets to Love Yourself Slim?

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