Arm Yourself for Cold & Flu Season: the Amazing Power of Elderberry Syrup!

I dove deep into boosting my immune system last winter, when I learned after the fact that I’d been exposed to strep throat. I piled kale into my smoothies by the handful, I upped my intake of other vitamin C foods, and I turned to germ fighting essential oils as well.

But I also discovered something brand new: Elderberry Syrup.

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Are You on the Fence about the Sugar Detox?

Let me help you remove the stumbling blocks around sugar addiction so you can finally end the sugar cravings and lose weight in the new year!

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How to End Your Sugar Addiction

Join us to BREAK your sugar addiction – even if, right now, you can’t imagine surviving a day without sugar!

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The #1 Must-Have Tool in my Kitchen

This tool has literally changed my life.

It has saved time doing dishes (because it saves getting them dirty in the first place – and if you know me, you know dishes are my least favorite chore!), it’s a vital aid in creating my own recipes, and dividing up meals for the freezer. It has saved me from melting ingredients to fit nicely into measuring cups. Plus, it has guaranteed a consistent delicious outcome every time I follow the same recipe.

What’s this reliable tool?

A food scale!

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Make Potty-Training a Breeze (The How & Why of Elimination Communication)

In our culture, we train babies and toddlers to eliminate in diapers.

They rarely romp around diaper free (who wants a puddle on the floor or a poop-stain on the wall?!), it’s not the norm to offer them the potty, and so we tend to keep our wee ones in diapers 24/7 until the momentous day of potty training arrives. (Yes, ahem, pun intended.)

And then the world turns upside down as toddler’s diaper, the one thing they’ve always been able to count on 100%, is ripped from their terrified grasp, and their tear-stained face stares up at you with an accusation of betrayal.

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Your Secret Weapon!

We all know that feeling in the back of our throat: the sign that says that worse is coming, and you’ll be lucky if you can get out of bed tomorrow!

Some of us turn to big doses of Vitamin C or start drinking lots of water. But for many of us, that tickle in our throat is the sign that we’ve already lost the war.

Is it too late to fight back? Is it possible to stop the germs before they overrun us?

We can fight. And better yet, we can win, too.

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What to do when you’re tempted by the trays of tasty treats this holiday season…

When you’re focused on losing weight, the holidays can be a tough time. Food, food, everywhere!

When there are platters and platters loaded up with tasty treats in front of you, how do you stay in control, instead of feeling like a slave to food?

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Grow Your Own Food!

Have you ever eaten a tomato or asparagus straight from the bush? Picked strawberries or blueberries? Do you notice how much better they taste than the stuff at the supermarket? There’s a reason for that. And it just might surprise you.

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