Success Stories

Inspiration for your weight loss journey: stories of real women who had tried everything before working with me and finding weight loss success!

(I mean it, they tried everything: every diet in the book, Weight Watchers, Overeaters Anonymous, and even doctor-supervised diets!)

Check out our Success Stories by program focus:

The Ultimate Mind/Body Makeover: This Ultimate program has everything you need to succeed: discover the right foods to boost your energy, cut your cravings, and shed the pounds while you conquer emotional/stress eating!

Evolution Revolution: Conquer emotional/stress eating, and get your head "back in the game!"

Ten Days to Triumph: 10-Day detox

What's on Your Plate?: Discover the right foods to boost your energy, cut your cravings, and shed the pounds!

Stress Busters: Good-bye, stress!

The Ultimate Mind/Body Makeover

Janet Zimmermann, 53, C.P.A., Warrenville, IL

Janet Zimmermann PhotoBefore I started working with Nicole, I struggled with losing weight, even on doctor-supervised diets. But with Nicole's help, I was finally able to break through my plateau, losing 5 pounds in just 2 weeks!

 Now, I'm stressed less, cooking more, and open to eating new foods that I never would have tried…

I loved the flexibility of working with Nicole. She helped me find what fit my needs and my lifestyle instead of handing me a regimented plan.

Barb 62, Darien, IL

…I had a variety of health concerns: excess weight, diverticulitis, low energy, high stress, and no time.

Our work has helped me to start cranking on all cylinders, and I’m more energetic and focused than ever before. I’ve lost weight, I’m feeling better, lighter, leaner, and more flexible – call me crazy, but I feel like I’m 40 again!

I’m so glad I did this program, because I don’t know how I would have made it through busy season this year without it. Not only has this changed my life, it was easily incorporated into my busy lifestyle.

Dr. Andrea Schnowske, 25, Chiropractor, Peoria, IL

Andrea Schnowske PictureBefore working with Nicole, I struggled with my weight and healthy eating. But after only 6 weeks, I saw amazing results - I lost 15 pounds, my energy doubled so that I could get a lot more done in a day, and I was able to make sustainable changes in our family's lifestyle… Even with my busy schedule, it couldn't have been easier!

I'd highly recommend Nicole to those wishing to make sustainable lifestyle changes - whether your focus is weight, upgrading your diet or attitude, or managing stress.

Kim Smith, 36, Park District Superintendent, Shorewood, IL

After just 1 session, my energy drastically increased and I felt lighter, less bloated. After 6 sessions, my new habits were saving my family about $640 a month on our food bill! Plus, I’ve lost weight and I’m developing the toned athlete’s body I’ve always wanted.

…It was never an "all or nothing" battle that I had to fight to win or lose, like all the diets I've tried in the past.

Cheryl May, 28, Nurse, Lisle, IL

Cheryl May PhotoI've felt SO GOOD that I had to ask myself - "Is this real?"

 …I'm feeling more like myself than I have in 5 years! Not only are my clothes are fitting better (I can definitely tell I've lost inches!)… Now I've got more confidence and drive, and I'm getting more done without letting anyone or anything get in my way.

 Now it's easier to stop when I'm full. Plus, I can enjoy a treat when I want to and get so much MORE enjoyment out of it, instead of feeling all the guilt that used to plague me and send me spiraling.

 All the nutritional upgrades have helped, but especially the smoothies. They keep me going on the occasional 16-hour shift, they've eliminated my post-nasal drip, and they've kept me healthy, even when my boyfriend and daughter were sick.

Anne, 33, St. Charles, IL

Nicole helped me transform my inner self, and this was the real magic of our program. Emotional eating no longer rules my life. Our work has skyrocketed my confidence – the difference is like night and day! I’m finally doing the things I’ve always wanted: seeking new relationships, trying new things – I’m done hiding out!

I highly recommend this program if you’ve struggled with food and emotional eating – especially if you’ve already tried “everything,” and feel hopeless or stuck, like I did.

Terri Tamer, 57, Human Resource Generalist, Bolingbrook, IL

Terri photo

I have tried for the last 5 years to lose weight but nothing has worked and I usually give up. Nicole truly listened to me and my lifestyle and with eating the right foods, I have lost 12 pounds.

I am more focused and gained clarity in my work, I have more energy to get up and exercise and she helped me to curb my need for sugar all the time. Best of all I bought a dress 6 weeks ago that did not quite fit me and now I will be wearing it to a wedding!

Melissa R., 21, Nursing student, New Lenox, IL

Melissa R. PictureBefore I met Nicole, I was struggling to lose weight. Not only that, I had constant migraines, intense cravings, and low energy. I already had an intense workout routine and ate healthy food, so I wasn’t sure what I was missing.

 Nicole filled in the missing pieces, and I’ve seen real results from our work together. After just 1 session, my energy skyrocketed, and I was no longer relying on coffee to get me through the day. Most important, my quality of life improved so much, with my migraines cut in half.

I love how the weight is just melting away, and my clothes are fitting so much better! Plus, I’ve learned some cool tricks to make my cravings simply disappear.

 …I felt like I had tried everything to lose weight or feel better and healthier, but nothing was working. Then I started the program with Nicole, and … I have reached almost all of my goals and my program isn't even finished yet!

Cory J., Middle Age, Entrepreneur and mother of 5, Naperville, IL

After just 2 sessions with Nicole, I've already noticed a big difference. I never believed it would happen, but I'm actually craving healthy food - constantly! After meals I feel lighter and energized, instead of weighted down and having stomach issues to deal with…

 Plus, for the first time, I didn't catch the cold my kids brought home and passed around. This has never happened before - I know my immune system must have become stronger, because my husband caught it - and he's the one who never gets sick!

Leonora Dechtiar, 26, Teacher, China

Leonora Dechtiar PictureNicole's health tips and the 10-day cleanse helped me heal from IBS and feel more energy and strength in my body. Now I know I want to use her health tips for the rest of my life.

Evolution Revolution

Danielle, 26, Graphic Designer, Naperville, IL

Evolution Revolution was truly life-changing. When I signed up, I wasn’t convinced I’d see any changes: I’ve been to therapy and tried countless weight loss programs, never being able to stick with anything and not seeing the results I wanted. I didn’t think it was possible to see the types of results I got in just 4 weeks.

But really, these simple exercises rewire how you think! I now have a new mindset, and it’s had such a deep effect on my life. Each session I uncovered something new, and last week I woke up feeling like a new person – it was like someone turned off my constant anxiety.

…I had tangible results too, including losing 5.5 pounds. I stopped craving so much junk

 What’s really amazing is that these changes happen almost immediately, like you really are just flipping a switch in your brain… I want to recommend this to everyone, even if they’re not struggling with weight loss, because you learn so much about yourself in this program!

Debbie Janik, 35, Middle School Science Teacher, Aurora, IL

Debbie Janik PictureEvolution Revolution put me back in charge of my life. This is a must do for anyone trying to win the battle against food. In these 4 sessions, Nicole took me deeper than I had gone in 5 years of therapy.

I had tried everything - weight watchers, Overeaters Anonymous, and years of therapy - but I still felt as if food ruled my life. Working with Nicole really helped me develop my insight. She helped me dig through the issue, giving me real results, instead of just talking about the problem.

For the first time, I can look to the future and see hope - something I didn't have before. I've moved from feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, controlled by food, to finally feeling satisfied, accepting myself, even proud of myself!

This program is the best thing you can do for yourself, the prerequisite to successfully losing weight and making true, meaningful change.

Maureen, 56, Gymnastics Supervisor, Yorkville, IL

I now look in the mirror empowered, with a totally new attitude. I’m so excited to be moving forward after feeling stuck and helpless.

I’ve lost inches in my waist and tummy!

I loved the intimacy of the group setting, plus the honesty and judgment-free attitude

I would definitely recommend this program to others. It’s amazing… Nicole is a phenomenal coach!

Lynn Olson, 67, Retired Speech Pathologist, Downers Grove, IL

"Miracles" have happened lately where the temptation around food just doesn't hold the power it used to. My habits are definitely changing, and I’ve lost 10 pounds!

 …I love feeling my confidence growing day by day.

Lynn, 50+, Account Executive, Naperville, IL

This program was definitely worth the investment – you can’t help but gain a deep insight into yourself

If you’re ready and open to taking a “self” journey, looking under several layers, then you’ll be able to make huge strides in understanding and changing the patterns and habits you have fallen into over the years.


Ten Days to Triumph

Kim Smith, 36, Mother and Park District Superintendent, Shorewood, IL

I lost 8 pounds, and 2.5 inches around my waist - it feels SO GOOD to tighten my belt every morning! Not only that, but my energy has DOUBLED, and I have so much more mental clarity! Plus, I always thought I was a good sleeper - but now I'm sleeping better than ever!

I've done a number of programs in the past, and been frustrated over and over after making investments and not seeing results. I love that in working with Nicole, I now SEE the difference in front of me when I look in the mirror - my leaner waist, my thinner arms, and more. Unlike all the fads out there, this is something that WORKS and that is truly good and healthy for your body. 

Fran Strohm, 60+, Image Consultant, Downers Grove, IL

I did Nicole’s Ten Days to Triumph program, and now I’m comfortably wearing a pair of jeans that I didn’t fit into last week! I lost 9 pounds, my energy is way up, and I loved the recipes. Plus, I walked 2 miles without any joint pain – something that hasn’t happened in 3 years!

Christine S., Premier Designs Consultant and Mom, 47, Bolingbrook, IL

In 10 days, I lost 6 pounds, and really enjoyed having a flat stomach again!

My complexion is clear, my nails is stronger and my joints don’t ache. I also enjoyed having energy all day without my usual 3 cups of coffee…

I loved that the results were noticeable and real

What's on Your Plate?

Nadine Gearhart, 49, Teacher, Macomb, Michigan

My cravings are gone! I used to eat a bunch of junk before bed, but now I don't even miss it. On top of that, my regular headaches have disappeared!

I've made simple, easy changes at home that helped me lose 4 pounds after just 2 sessions. Plus, I'm really feeling a difference - I feel more energetic and better throughout the whole day.

Lynda and Kevin Sullivan, Architect and Homeschool Teacher, 51 and 44, Bolingbrook, IL

We've had so many great results from Nicole's program: losing weight, more energy (Kevin can now get through the afternoon at work without struggling to stay awake!), our cravings are significantly reduced, and we get fewer headaches.

My joints feel better than they have in years. With Sjorgens and Arthritis, they would normally hurt a lot in this weather, but instead there's no sign of pain - and my doctor said there's almost no sign of the disease, with my ANA counts being so low!

…We're more satisfied with less, something we definitely didn't expect. Plus, we're really enjoying all these new healthy foods and recipes we're learning.

… We're definitely glad we made this investment in our health!

Stress Busters

Lanre Bello, 43, Event Planner, Downers Grove, IL

Lanre pictureI've had horrible stress plaguing me for years that has severely affected my energy, mood, and quality of life. I used to toss and turn, and only get 4-5 hours of sleep a night because I'd have so much trouble letting go of the day.

But this program with Nicole is working! I'm just so relaxed! After just 1 session, I'm falling asleep at night in minutes and sleeping a full 8 hours. I'm waking up refreshed and energized, with a better mood and attitude. It's so easy to let go of whatever's on my mind.

The craziness "in the heat of the moment" with my really stressful job has vanished. My stress levels went from super high (about 9 on a scale of 10) to just 1 after taking a few moments with the techniques we learned. I was able to let go of what bothered me and go on with my day!


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