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With Nicole Lazar, the Health Junkie

My approach to weight loss is likely very different from anything you’ve seen before – this is why I’ve been able to help all of my clients see real results, even when nothing else has worked for them before. I’ve helped women who had given up on more common approaches like weight watchers, dieting, Dr.-Supervised diets, and even Overeaters Anonymous and therapy.

Most weight loss methods out there rely on counting and measuring, points and calories, dieting and deprivation, perhaps pills, powders, and appetite suppression… Let’s be clear. This isn’t about any of that.

I’ve created my own unique system, The Ultimate Mind/Body Makeover, based on years of success with my clients.

The Ultimate Mind/Body Makeover is based on 3 pillars, and it’s very important that you include each of these 3 elements in any approach to weight loss. If you take 1 away, just like a stool standing on 2 legs – it’s gonna fall over.


Pillar 1: The Right Fuel

The first pillar is discovering the right nutrition for you and your unique body so that you’re losing weight, your energy levels are up, cravings are down, you’re feeling good, any digestive discomfort or belly bloat is gone, and your body is functioning at its best.

When your body is deeply nourished, you stop having all those crazy cravings, and there are no low energy issues that send you on the rollercoaster with all the ups and downs of sugar and caffeine.

I’ve studied over 100 different dietary theories from around the world, and what I’ve learned is that there is no one right way of eating that works for everybody. That’s why I work with you and your body’s needs to determine the right balance for you.

What’s on Your Plate? is the program that focuses on this pillar, and it’s also covered in The Ultimate Mind/Body Makeover and The Platinum VIP Experience.


Pillar 2: The Right Chemistry

To get the right chemistry, we ensure your body is working for you, not against you, so that it’s burning calories, not storing them. Much of this comes down to stress.

Stress Busters is the program that focuses on this pillar, though it’s also covered in The Ultimate Mind/Body Makeover and The Platinum VIP Experience.


Pillar 3: Getting Your Head in the Game

This takes a little explaining.

Let’s say you’re headed off on vacation. You’ve packed your bathing suit, plenty of sun screen, and you’re ready to lie outside and relax. But then you get off the plane, and you’re way up north in the Arctic. What just happened? Something went wrong! You had the best intentions for a great sunny vacation, but somehow that’s not where you ended up.

Well like this example, you can have all the right tools, the right foods, the right recipes, even the right body chemistry, and until you really have your head in the game behind you, self sabotage or other things can get in the way and keep you from reaching your weight-loss goals, despite your best intentions!

To get your head in the game, we use Transformational Coaching, examining how your brain is wired and what’s “programmed” inside. Here and there we find things that get in your way, and with Transformational Coaching, we flip switches in the brain so you’re just different.

The best part is that you don’t have to remember to be different – you’re literally different on the other side of the exercise. That’s how powerful this work is. Oftentimes my clients compare me to a therapist with stronger, quicker results. That’s because we don’t just talk about a problem, but focus on solving it.

One of my clients said to me, “We’ve uncovered more in this first session together than 30 years of therapy around my eating issues!” Wow.

Evolution Revolution is the program that focuses on this pillar, though it’s also covered in The Ultimate Mind/Body Makeover and The Platinum VIP Experience.


Putting It All Together

As you can tell, this is about a lot more than “which diet do I follow?” (Did I mention that I don’t believe in diets?) We’re all different, and some of us need support in one or two of these areas more than the others.

I’d love to connect and learn more about how I can support you to get the body you want: pinpointing the fuel that’s right for you, balancing your body chemistry so it’s working for you, and getting your head in the game so success comes easily.

If you’re ready for an approach that finally works, it’s time to schedule your Ultimate Makeover Breakthrough Session. This 1 on 1 session is a great opportunity to explore your goals for your health and weight as well as uncover what might be getting in the way, and get support.

We can meet in person (I’m in the Chicago suburbs, Naperville), over the phone, or over Skype. (I’ve worked with women as far away as China and New Zealand!)

I can’t wait to help you shed the pounds! And don’t forget to check out the success stories from my past clients – their achievements are pretty inspirational!


To Summarize:

My unique system, The Ultimate Mind/Body Makeover, has 3 main components:

  • End self sabotage and get your head in the game: Evolution Revolution
  • Discover the right fuel for you: What’s on Your Plate?
  • Balance your body chemistry: Stress Busters

All 3 components are included in the Ultimate Mind/Body Makeover and the Platinum VIP Experience.

Reach out if you’re ready for real results!




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