Nicole presents a variety of interactive workshops. She has previously spoken at public libraries, park districts, universities, yoga studios, medical offices, and more. Check out the events page for upcoming workshops, or book Nicole to speak to your organization.



Beat the Sugar Blues
Green Smoothies 101: Super Charge Your Immune System!
The Secret to Conquering Your Cravings
Detox 101


Beat the Sugar Blues

Do you constantly crave sweets? Want to gain control without deprivation? I’ll show you how!

Workshop attendees will learn the many reasons we cravesugar, the effects of sugar on your health, where and howsugar “hides,” and how to bust these cravings. We will also cover sugar substitutes, including the dangers of artificial sweeteners and the pros of natural sweeteners.

Green Smoothies 101: Super Charge Your Immune System!

I used to get sick a few times a year, but then I “figured it out” – and haven’t been sick since, in over 2 years. I can’t wait to share my wisdom with you! In this workshop, we’ll cover all the “hows and whys” behind green smoothies.

  • Learn the hows and whys behind green smoothies
  • Discover just how easy it is to make them at home, no fancy equipment needed
  • Uncover tips and tricks to beat the season’s sniffles
  • Be prepared for tasty samples and a demo!


The Secret to Conquering Your Cravings: What To Do When Willpower Just Won’t Cut It

Are you tired of struggling with willpower around food? Had enough of cravings butting in and taking over?

Discover tips to lose weight permanently, regain control around food, bust dieting myths, and reclaim your life.

Detox 101

When you’re stuck on a plateau with weight, and nothing seems to work – dieting, counting calories, exercise – what’s left to try?

Join us to learn what’s really going on in your body and the surprising science behind why the weight is reluctant to leave. You’ll also learn what you can do to lose the weight – for good!

Our conversation will explore what goes on in the body, why weight loss at this plateau doesn’t work with common approaches, and what you can do to see real results – no dieting, pills, or powders – just real food, the whole way!

Join us to dig through the fads and learn the truth.

Previous Engagements

Nicole has spoken to and partnered with a variety of organizations for her workshops, including:

  • Northwestern University
  • Northshore Hospital’s Working on Wellness Club
  • Kiwanis of Naperville
  • Whole Foods of Wheaton
  • Lisle Public Library
  • Channahon Park District
  • West Suburban Women’s Leads Club
  • Western Suburban Women Entrepreneurs
  • Yoga studios
  • Acupuncture and Chiropractic Practices

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